Communication and coopertion

As part of customer service, we offer two types of communication: oral (telephone) and written (report). Each of the forms of contact is different in terms of completeness and responsibilities of the parties for the information. Telephone support is not covered by confidentiality and does not constitute information for which TQMC s.c. is responsible, the opposite is the case of written information (in the form of a report, expertise).

Any information communicated by telephone should not be treated as decisive in the case. Only the information in writing is considered as binding, complete and reliable.

Conditions for the transmission of information in writing:

  • sending the contact details in the form of queries or e-mail,
  • describing the product in the form of a link to the web page, a photo or a short text,
  • specifying the role your entity plays on the market (manufacturer, importer, distributor, authorized representative)
  • providing information on specific needs and problems (eg. no CE marking for the product) to agree on the scope, cost and time of completion
  • signing the agreement (with the clause of confidentiality),
  • providing documentation of the product, along with information about its composition and use,
  • approving of the completed stages in the form of "acceptance protocol",
  • issuing invoices with a fixed maturity date,
  • issuing a voluntary certificate of conformity for products not having harmonized standards and/or qualified in the class I, which is sufficient for an independent assessment of compliance,
  • completion and evaluation of cooperation in the form of a short questionnaire.
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