Privacy policy

The company TQMC sc as a brand owner MEDDEV.PL and its representatives commit to maintain secrecy and not to pass on or to disclose secret information of its clients.

This declaration applies in particular to information and documentation of products to be evaluated by TQMC s.c. ..
TQMC sc commits to take all necessary steps to ensure that none of the persons receiving the information will disclose this information nor its source in whole or part, to third parties without the prior authorization in writing from the Party to which information belongs.

TQMC sc commits to disclose the information of its clients only to the employees and consultants involved in the project, and in the scope which will be necessary for the performance of their duties.

Privacy policy will not apply to the information obtained from the other Party that:

  • is published, generally known or officially made public;
  • is known to the Party prior to activities related to the preparation of the bid or have been obtained from a third party in accordance with the law, without any restrictions on their disclosure;
  • is disclosed by one Party with the prior written permission of the other Party;
  • is disclosed by a Party due to the applicable requirements of the law or pursuant to a valid court judgment or a final administrative decision, provided that it has taken reasonable and lawful steps to maintain the confidentiality of such information;
  • is obtained by the Party independently of the activities related to the preparation of the bid.

Privacy Policy also applies to the data needed to prepare the bid.

In case of breaching the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information by one Party, the other Party shall be entitled to claim compensation in the full amount, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.

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