Our aims

Our aim is to carry out comprehensive and optimal in terms of costs product assessment. This is possible only when the client cooperates with the consultant, acts according to the schedule and provides us with the necessary information within a specified time. From our side, we will try to give the customer the necessary skills to conduct product assessment of different variants of the original product or of similar product groups, without our help.

The above assumption determines the model of our cooperation with the customer. Even before starting the project we set the objectives of the project and its main thesis together with the customer. If we do not believe that we are able to realize the tasks entrusted to us or we know that someone else could do that better, than we do not offer our services.

The specificity of our projects requires creating an effective project team consisting of our consultant(s) and designated by the client employee(s). Such a team defines the key directions of work, prepares analyzes and recommendations and often supervises their implementation. The solutions developed jointly are quickly accepted by the customer and have "an internal natural promoters". Such cooperation also enables the fastest transfer of knowledge and skills - in both directions: we quickly know the specifics of the product, and our customers are able to convey our methodology of work.

If the jointly developed solutions are successfully implemented, then we are happy that we were able to achieve the goal - to deliver services that meet assumed expectations.

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